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Commercial Cleaning

You only get one chance to make a first impression.

So, what does your building say about your business?

Rightly or wrongly your clients make an instant decision about your business before they even walk through your front door. You then have seven seconds for your client to form a first impression of you.

If the first impression is that of a dirty, uncared for retail unit or office space with blocked gutters, dirty Render and a messy entrance way then you are possibly starting off on the wrong foot!

We can help you with that.

Here at Clearstone Solutions we pride ourselves on taking the chores of cleaning your business premises away from you so you can do what you do best and we can make you look the best making that first impression count.

We also know that your time is precious and that the safety of your staff and clients is paramount. As such, we have invested heavily in equipment to make sure that the works we carry out at your unit or office space are safe, efficient and are able to assist us in completing the works quickly keeping the disturbance to you and your clients to a minimum.

Some of our clients


New for 2020 we now offer SoftWashing as one of our main services. Meaning that we are able to clean the externals of your building with ease and with better results.

SoftWashing is the alternative to pressure washing using water based, biodegradable chemicals. They emulsify dirt and grime, break down insect nests and webs as well as kill mold, mildew, algae, and bacteria. All while sanitising the surfaces we are cleaning.

It uses one third the water of pressure washing, lasts four to six times longer and doesn’t erode the surface like pressure washing often can.

Hence the name SoftWashing.

We let the chemicals do the work safely and efficiently, rather than letting “power” blast the dirt away and spread the microbes around. We believe in getting to, and dealing with the root of the problem. Dealing with it head on so you can enjoy a clean home or office for longer.

Read our blog: "Why SoftWashing?"

Render Cleaning

Render is a widely used building material on newer buildings and whilst it looks great when clean it also looks terrible when it's dirty. Mold and dirt has the ability to form causing unsightly stains and a dull look. There is good news though. The render can be returned back to its former glory without the need of power washing or painting.

After the application of our SoftWash the render will be cleaned removing all moss, stains and dullness transforming it back to the original colour.

Stone Cleaning

Stone over time collects dirt and forms dark shading making its appearance look weathered and old. Again, after applying our SoftWash the stone will return to its original state and look once again, how it should.

Wood Cleaning

Your wood panelling or fencing can be cleaned and treated using our SoftWash system. We are able to take your tired wood surfaces and renew and restore the wood removing the dirt, algae, moss, lichen and all of the discoloration.

Oxidised Aluminium Paneling

Aluminium panelling over time becomes dull and faded losing its curb appeal. This occurs from oxidation. Never fear though this can be restored. Using our SoftWash Solution and mixing it with a oxi-wash cleaning solution we are able to remove the dullness and restore the original colours leaving your panelling looking fresher and brighter.

Pathway Cleaning

Your pathways often lead the client to your front door. This forms part of the first impressions and if they don’t look great the clients opinion could be formed. Flat surfaces unfortunately get the worst brunt of algae, moss, lichen and mold build up due to the poor drainage and water sitting in one area for longer lengths of time. If the pathway is not regularly used the build up occurs a great deal quicker.

Artificial Areas and Children's Play Areas

If you are lucky enough to have a nice area for children to play at your school or office you will know how dirty and unappealing these areas can become. Not necessarily the best environment to let your children play in both from a visual point of view and a hygiene point of view. Children's play areas can be a breeding ground for germs.

By using our cleaning methods your play areas will be totally cleaned and restored bringing back the vibrant colours and feel of a brand new area for the children to play.

On top of that, the play area will not only be clean but completely sanitised at the same time making the play area look amazing and safe once more.

Cladding, Soffits and Fascias

Again, like the Render, Stone, Wood and Aluminium cleaning mentioned above we can also clean your cladding, soffits and fascias using our SoftWash Systems. Due to the unique blends of the SoftWash Solution and our knowledge of what type of wash compliments the surfaces we are cleaning we are able to remove all dirt, cobwebs and nest easily. Then, once all areas are cleaned and rinsed we apply our final wash leaving your surfaces gleaming and protected against the dreadful weather that the UK has to throw at us.

Window Cleaning

Since 1974 when Clearstone Solutions Ltd formed we have been a commercial window cleaning company. We can clean your windows using traditional methods or by using one of our fleet of vehicles with our pure water fed pole systems installed. All of our vehicles take advantage of using heated water meaning that your windows will be cleaned more thoroughly. You will be offered a range of levels of window cleaning levels and frequencies to make sure that we can carry out the window cleaning to your budget and frequency.

Gutter Cleaning

Overflowing gutters can not only look unsightly but can also do so much damage to your building in the long run causing additional repair costs.

Using our new petrol powered gutter vac with carbon fibre poles, and camera technology, we are able to clean your gutters (and record it so you can see our work) up to a height of 40ft. Due to the lightweight poles we are able to reach over any building obstacles without any issues.

Your gutters will be clear and running free. Combining your first clean with a maintenance package your gutters will remain unblocked and running free all year round.

IPAF Trained Staff (High Access)

In order to reach those high, and problematic areas, of your buildings we have fully trained IPAF operators who are trained to use all types of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPS/ Cherry Pickers) meaning that you can benefit from all of the skill and expertise so you don’t have to hire in additional staff.

High Level Internal Cleaning

Atriums, High Level reception areas, Sports Halls and any internal high areas make a great home for dust, spiders and a whole array of mess and the odd football.

Using our internal high level vacuum system we are able to clean exposed pipework, ledges, air ducting and those frustrating spider webs.

Not only will you be able to see all the areas that we have cleaned from the ground, as it will look noticeably different, you will also be able to inspect our works close up as we can record all areas cleaned leaving you satisfied that no corners have been cut.

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