Areas might be difficult to access, but they still require cleaning, let us take the strain of hard to reach cleaning and ensure your business makes a positive impression.

If they are left untouched they can become unsightly in the first instance and cause a real issue in the latter. Indeed, in such cases as excessive dust or bird faeces a real health hazard can be caused. If left untouched this could also compromise the integrity of the structure.

High cleans
High cleans 2

Clearstone Solutions Ltd is experienced in providing high access cleans, and have specially trained staff and all appropriate equipment.

Our experience includes regular internal cleaning of glass atriums, using equipment such as spider lifts to enable our staff to clean high level windows.

This machinery and other techniques are also available to us to clean high level beams, our experience includes beams in superstores, shopping centres and school gyms.

High access cleans can also be used to reach corporate artwork or other items on an ad-hoc basis.

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