Well maintained gutters ensure your building looks clean and professional, and minimises future repair and cleaning costs.

With them being open pipes, gutters can become blocked by leaves or any other type of debris which can cause water to overflow which, if left, can damage bricks, mortar and leave unsightly marks.

As part of Clearstone Solutions' suite of cleaning services, we offer gutter cleaning and have specialist equipment in-house.

This equipment has a camera to enable inspection of the gutter, without the need for access by ladder, making this a much safer option.

Following inspection, this equipment is complete with a vacuum cleaner to remove any debris, again without the use of ladders or expensive access equipment.

We have provided this service to public sector clients such as schools and hospitals, to private sector FM companies and housing developers and to larger commercial properties.

We have complementary equipment to jet wash fascias, canopies and other features, ensuring the exterior of your building appears pristine and professional.

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