We understand the importance of a positive first impression, invite your clients into a spotless place of business.

An unclean working environment can lead to a demotivated workforce and furthermore a potential health hazard. Without a proper cleaning schedule in place, dirt, dust and germs can build up not only in employee and client space but also in other communal areas such as kitchens and toilets.

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Our reliable teams provide daily office cleaning services. Clearstone Solutions Ltd offer our clients a flexible service and will clean at times convenient to your business, at the frequency you require.

For example, since 2006 we have held cleaning contracts with Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Trust (GMWMH). Our team of cleaners visit offices, public reception areas, toilets (staff and those for service-users) and bathrooms, kitchens and corridors.

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We have agreed schedules for the cleaning of areas with the local teams, all appropriate colour coded cleaning equipment, have site-specific files for risk assessments and method statements, procedures for infection control and a team of loyal, well-trained CRB cleared staff.

We are able to tailor a cleaning service to meet the most exacting client requirements.

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